I will give my best advice. Ask me anything. I will remain nameless. I have depression and anxiety. I vent on this bog. These are all my thoughts. Oh, and sometimes I post my own poems.

I still find it weird how we don’t talk about how I tried to kill myself

"They say
you have to train your brain
to see the good in everything.
But you can’t teach
an old dog
new tricks”

Anonymous asked: Im thinking about sending my boyfriend. this quote. "one of the cruelest things u can do to a person is to pretend that u care about them more than u really do." What do u think? Should i send something else r do You think he would get the message?


He would definitely get the message. Sometimes it’s hard to put our feelings into words… And we often find quotes, etc., that say how we really feel.
It’s better to tell him in some way rather than bottling it up and never say anything. What matters is your happiness… and if you find a quote that accurately describes how you’re feeling…then it’s perfect.
I used to be in a mentally and physically abusive relationship. And he acted like he cared way more than he actually did.
So yes. Tell him how you feel.
And if he asks “what do you mean by that?” Or “what are you trying to say?” Tell him exactly how you’re feeling.

This is the week when I have to come clean and come out of the closet and tell people who I really am. I’ve lost so many friends so far by telling them :( I’m just scared. Being bisexual wasn’t a choice, it’s who I am. I just want to turn over a new leaf. I want to be myself. I want people to know…. but I’m scared.

Actually really tired of being alone…. But I’m waiting for the right person to come along…. Struggle…

Sometimes feelings punch you in the face…. And you have to be like “Nah I’m not going to be sad… Cause I’m fucking awesome. Fuck you feelings. I’m fucking awesome. One day someone’s going to think I’m so awesome that they won’t want anyone else to have me. So yea. Fuck that shit.”

Anonymous asked: whats your name


This isn’t my main page so I’m not going to say…. I’m remaining anonymous.

I’m tired of wanting the wrong people. The people who treat me like shit are the ones I date. I just want to be with the right one already. I’m sick of sleeping alone. I’m sick of being let down. All I do is take care of people and make them feel better…. I just want someone to take care of me. I want my perfect guy. The really really handsome guy with a great personality. Why can’t that love be real? Where is my Prince Charming?

Anonymous asked: I know but we can get through this together


I’m trying….. I just feel alone in this

I cut again.

im such a disappointment.

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